Operation Data Center and Control

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Operation Data Center and Control

OCIMS*DC is the system you need to Manage your data at the enterprise level, for all your franchises and service channels.

Whether you are running single POS or multiple outlets with multiple POS(es) and/or Multiple Franchises, you only need OCIMS*DC Solution.

Fully Scalable to any level of operation, Single or Enterprise, together with full Operation Support tools that make running your business a matter of unbelievable simplicity.

With OCIMS*Enterprise, OCIMS*POS Turns into a sophisticated Communication Center by itself. Full Integration with OCIMS*DC is guaranteed. This means that your Sales and Stock Consumption is always in Sync with your Warehouse.

In addition to POS service Types, OCIMS*POS handles orders from all of your service Channels: Call Center, web/Mobile, External Source (Third parties Web Ordeirng) just the same with no additional labor cost.

Raw Material consumption is performed in real time and it is so precise that your benefits will have immediate effects on your Net daily return.

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