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OCIMS Support

Ocims Support is limited only by our clients needs. Choose the support package that suits your business.
Our technical Support availabiliy can be tailored to your Business Operation Time Zone.

Remote Operation Support
Technical Support

Provide Support to Client Technical support staff on all aspects of System Maintenance.

Data Management

Manage all of your OCIMS products administration and operation needs, such as product maintenance, data operation release(s), managing database backup and recovery, setting data management strategies

System Operation management

Business operational continuity is a key factor to your business success.

We make sure that your system availability is not affected by lack of staff and/or technical skills.

On-Site Technical Support
Infrastructure Full Technical Support

Get an OCIMS Expert to support all of your operation needs whenever you need it.

Manage your Infrastructure Services to ensure proper and uninterrupted service availability as well as carry out regular system and data maintenance as the need arise.

Manage data backup and recovery and perform system maintenance and installation at outlets.

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