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A Tech-First, People-Centric Partner for Restaurants.

We’ve built on decades of expertise in the F&B field in innovating products, services, and solutions that empower restaurants of all sizes to thrive in a constantly disrupted environment.


What We Do

We Help Restaurants Optimize and Maximize Their Operational Potential.

In 2000, OCIMS was launched as a software company for restaurants and the wider services industry, supporting their future-proof growth through operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our offering has since scaled and accelerated at the pace and purpose of restaurants, today spanning their entire value chain and stakeholder ecosystem. We converge software, hardware, systems, and consultancy and support services to cover all aspects of your restaurant operation. Decades of technological and people-powered innovation have fed into our world-class OCIMS software, today one of the building blocks of our business.

At the heart of our offering are service quality, agility, and reliability, which cater to an impressive clientele – our service quality, agility, and reliability form the backbone of our offering across our growing clientele base – which today boasts world-renowned F&B franchises and up-and-coming contenders. But that’s where standardization ends.

We work hand in hand with our partners to craft fit-for-purpose solutions around their unique operational complexities, challenges, and opportunities – be it software, hardware, turnkey solutions, post-deployment support, or other tailored services. Today, we intersect technology, data, and talent to help restaurants shape and elevate foolproof operations.

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