Enjoy the benefits of
Totally Integrated Solution


Tailor your solution to your needs. You can always expand without the need to replace what you start with.

Have a long lasting investment. With OCIMS, you are investing into a solid future of stability and assured return on investment. We understand that your investment is for the long term.

No On-Site hardware. No IT skills Required. With OCIMS Cloud, you can rest easy that somebody is looking after you. POS offline operation is guaranteed.

No Growing pains. With OCIMS Software, you will never need to throw anything away. Whether you start with Single Outlet or a Multi-outlet Franchise(s), you can always build on what you start with.

Fast Implementation. Ocims Solution simplicity extends to our implementation process. Put simply, you can be live in one week, with any number of outlets.

Let’s start the discussion. Explore your solution with us and let us know. We have the solution for your business. Select the package that suits you and explore the potentials with us…

Your Choice. Our Full cloud-hosted solution is your way to productive, stable and efficient operation. With a vast number of certified interfaces to third-party products, we ensure best-in-class connectivity of your F&B Backoffice system.

  • Everything you need to run single outlet/Restaurant, including delivery.
  • Centralized Operation Management and Control.

    Integration with Your Back office and other third parties ERP.

  • Total Solution for the Enterprise.

    Private or multi-tenant Cloud based solution.

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